2013 Grant Recipients


Wisconsin Winters: Snowshoe It! - Sarah Shaw, Fitchburg, WI

This curriculum will combat winter inactivity of VAIS students by teaching them to how to snowshoe. Students will be able to identify parts of a snowshoe, how to put them on and take them off, and will learn the proper techniques of snowshoeing. This is important be- cause as a small school, VAIS has limited access to large indoor spaces and many physical activities cannot be done in a small space. Most physical activities are hard to do year round in snow and ice. Outside winter activities often call for lots of equipment, access to facilities, or appropriate locations to participate (hockey, ice-skating, skiing, and sledding). This program will provide one size fits all snowshoes for both students and staff to use to combat the winter blues, grumpy kids, and lower attention spans associated with less physical activity.

Mindfulness & Executive Function Traning - Tracey Sparrow, Milwaukee, WI

The purpose of the proposed project is to facilitate a partnership between Marquette Uni- versity (MU) and Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) to implement and evaluate in- terventions that promote developing elementary school-age children’s mindfulness aware- ness and executive functioning skills. Mindfulness awareness practices help individuals be attuned to and receptive of present experiences. Executive functioning skills include abili- ties such as controlling attention and processing information in order to carry out goal-di- rected activities. Throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, students at the School for Early Development and Achievement (SEDA) at MCFI will receive training in mindfulness aware- ness (August – December 2013) and executive functioning skills (January – May 2014) in their classrooms. Marquette University undergraduate and graduate students will conduct as- sessments of children’s functioning at three time points (Aug/Sept, Dec/Jan, and May/June) and will provide the executive functioning skills intervention.

A Healthy Connection for a Healthier Community - Julie Esser, Mt. Horeb, WI

This program, A Healthy Connection for a Healthier Community, will provide a link between Mount Horeb Area School District (MHASD) and Miller and Sons Supermarket to increase awareness and consumption of fruits and vegetables by students and the community. This is important since the majority of Dane County adults, as well as Mount Horeb 7th-12th grade youth, eat less than the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This pro- gram will also enhance the current school garden and provide a connection to the school breakfast and lunch programs.

Wisconsin Adolescent Health Care Communication Program - Amy Olejniczak, Madison, WI

The Wisconsin Adolescent Health Care Communication Program is designed to help bridge the communication gap between health care providers and their teenage patients through em- powering and educational workshops given by youth for both youth and providers. Educat- ing and counseling teens is foundational to sexual health care, yet less than 52% of teens have ever discussed their sexual history with a provider and less than a third have discussed birth control, STI testing, proper condom use. Many communication barriers and social stigma ex- ist that interfere with the ability of providers and teens to talk about sexual health. In fact, it has been found that teens are the population at most risk for failed doctor patient relation- ships. Without proper training, health care providers are commonly not able to identify their teenage patients’ risk factors or to effectively counsel them after recognizing a problem. Thus, this innovative, teen-delivered educational program targets barriers that interfere with the ability of providers and teens to talk about sexual health, and works to systemati- cally improve communication and increase quality of care through two educational work- shops: “Keeping it Real With Your Parents” and “Keeping it Real With Your Doctor”


Introduction to Life Saving Skills: First Aid, CPR, AED - William Chambers, Oregon, WI

This program is designed to provide classes in life saving skills to high school seniors at Black- hawk High School. The skills learned in this project will prepare students and staff to respond to life threatening illnesses or injuries. Curretly, financial constraints within the school dis- trict’s budget only allow for a select number of seniors to take an optional class in First Aid, CPR, or AED. With this grant, the lifesaving and emergency medical class will be included as a requirement for all graduating seniors. With the nearest hospital 20 miles away from Black- hawk High School, thes skills that students learn in assesing and navigating an emergency medical situation will help improve the safety of Blackhawk’s students, staff, and families.

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