2011 Grant Recipients

Ben Franklin Yoga, Milwaukee, WI

Diana McGuan and Kathleen Stack at Benjamin Franklin School, Milwaukee, WI

“Students have incorporated Yoga into their daily lives.”

“Students mastered 95% of over 35 yoga poses.”

“The first grade teacher incorporated the calming techniques to help students focus and relax before a test.”

“We taught a class to staff to help them incorporate yoga into their classroom and personal lives.”

“The staff requested further classes, which we will incorporate next year!”

Christina Kowert & Lynn Vande, Madison, WI

Grant in support of hip-hop class offered to Muir Elementary students during early release on Mondays through out the school year. Culmination of the class will be a performance by the students at the Barrymore Theater.

Prisca Moore, Kenosha, WI

Enhancement of pre-existing Food for Learning Project in three Kenosha schools. Program includes hydroponics growing systems and an aquaponics container farm.

Mary Bohning, Kenosha, WI

This project is in partnership with Prisca Moore’s project. Project includes tumble composters as well as vermiculture, which uses worms to break down waste and produce high quality compost.

Jodi Zimmer, Glen Flora, WI

“Commit to be Fit” running, self-esteem and personal fitness club will target overweight/obese middle school girls.

Shannon Kunstman, Madison, WI

Expand existing yoga program at Thoreau Elementary with the goal of improving behavior outcomes amongst students


Amy Olejniczak, Madison, WI

Brought "Keeping it Real with Your Doctor" peer sexual health educators to 5 new classrooms in Dane County.

“Our workshop materials are seen as up to date, relevant and useful. We have even been recruited by the UW Medical School to become part of their "Patient, Doctor, and Society" Course Curriculum!”

"Program staff were awesome role models and brought in great guest speakers. this program opened up so many doors for me. I think I might want to go into public health now. I didn't even know what that was before!"

“I loved learning things through our enrichment meetings that I could share to help make my friends and I and my community healthier. I loved working with different groups and feeling like I was making positive change."

"I think I'm going to make a better parent because of my involvement in this program."

"The teen educators were awesome!”

"We had a large group, but your teens were still able to connect with them and get them thinking about their own health and how they can take charge and have the confidence to remain healthy."

April Burback, Eau Claire, WI

Teacher will add “food science” class to high school curriculum which will focus on nutrition and healthy eating through a consumer education and science focus.

“The students enjoyed the hands on learning opportunities to strengthen their learning.”

“The students were very excited to have another option in both the Family and Consumer Science and Science areas.”

“Students created so many teachable moments that I went with their excitement and enthusiasm to further their learning.”

“There were so many great hands on learning labs that I didn’t have enough time to get to all of the lessons.”

“Allows for connection between my department and the science department.”

“Further understanding of the role of food science in increasing food supplies, preserving the environment, nutrition and food safety.”

“Students completing this course not only better understand science concepts, but they also understand the importance of the foods they consume, the nutrition value and how it affects the body.”

“I am now working to add an Advanced Food Science course.”


Gail Cameron, Oshkosh, WI

Grant will fund new swim suits and towels for swimming class for high-risk, low-income elementary students.


Patriq DuSaint, Milwaukee, WI

Grant will fund a peace garden and mindfulness training center in Hawley Environmental School (K-5th grade).

“Students learned how to use simple mindfulness techniques that they can use to calm down, regulate their emotions, focus, and reduce stress.”

“Fifth grade students had the opportunity to become Yoga Leaders.”

“Mindfulness minute announcers had the opportunity to lead the whole class in an exercise, twice a day.”

“Some students were picked by teachers to be School-Wide Awareness Transformers (SWAT) and received extra mindfulness and conflict resolution training. They got to work one-on-one with younger students.”

“Every Classroom at Hawley Benefited from this grant.”

“The only thing that the Fifth grade students said they would change was to have more time in the Peace Garden and the opportunity to learn even more techniques!”

Comments from students about the program:

"It has made me more calm and aware of myself."

"It has made a difference in my life because I can control myself better."

"I can focus better."

"It helps me when I get mad or sad."

Tim Michael - IMPACT AWARD

Tim’s work focuses on creating healthy, accepting school environments through out WI by offering guidance to Gay Straight Alliance Clubs in schools, presenting at conferences and assisting school administrators in making their schools a safer, more accepting environment.

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