About Us


The Healthy Classrooms Foundation is committed to integrating public health education, such as fitness, nutrition, developmental health, and environmental responsibility, into the primary and secondary school systems. The Foundation supports a community effort to invest in the sustainable development of healthy lifestyles and make classrooms a healthier place to learn.


The Healthy Classroom Foundation is a statewide 501.c3 non-profit organization committed to improving the health of children throughout Wisconsin.

Public health education is often underemphasized in classrooms despite its positive impact on not only test scores and educational outcomes, but also a child’s wellbeing, happiness, and self-esteem. It is with this at heart that the Foundation strives to bring public health practices to the K-12 classrooms and community.

Focusing on four areas of interest, the Foundation hosts an annual symposium, supports project grants, honors outstanding individuals with Impact Awards, and offers online learning to further our mission.


The annual Healthy Classrooms Symposium brings together the community including educators, health professionals, and expert speakers from across the state to share knowledge and help implement public health practices in the classroom.

Evidence-based project grants are awarded annually to develop schoolbased health initiatives focusing on areas including: physical fitness, nutrition, environmental responsibility, and mental and emotional health.

Online Learning
Educators and community members are able to share ideas and gain knowledge on a wide range of public health topics through our online learning materials including a statewide forum, past symposium video library, public service announcements, and other learning tools.

Impact Awards
The annual Impact Awards recognize outstanding individuals in Wisconsin who are making a positive impact on the health of school-aged children through the use of public health practices and principles.

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